We’re an independent company dedicated to providing FRESH,
EFFECTIVE & ECO-CONSCIOUS skincare for all!

Small Batch Skincare

Key active ingredients (especially Vitamin C) are known to break down and lose their benefits within months of being produced and placed on store shelves. Our small, made-to-order batches ensure maximum freshness, potency, and attention to detail, while eliminating unnecessary additives that artificially prolong shelf life.

All function, no filler: Our formulations focus on must-have, science-backed ingredients. We exclude fillers and additives that have no purpose other than marketing.

Our ingredients: We use naturally derived and eco-certified ingredients wherever possible, while striving to continuously improve the quality and environmental sustainability of our sources.

Double Cleanser and Green Tea Gel Cream on marble counter with other beauty products

Our Formulas

Are vegan and cruelty-free. We respect your preferences for safe, naturally-derived, and environmentally-conscious ingredients. For this reason, our products are free from:

🚫 Dyes

🚫Microplastics (including acrylate polymers)

🚫Petroleum Derivatives



🚫Sulfates (SLS and SLES)


🚫Fragrances, unless you choose to add a plant-derived aroma

Many more

Cold pressed, cold brewed, cold processed

Unlike most products on the market, our formulas are prepared using a cold process and never heated.Green Tea Gel Creamis even created with a fresh, cold-brewed green tea base. This prevents the degradation of beneficial ingredients, especially delicate botanicals. Our method also avoids using the large amount of electricity/energy needed for heating, so it is more environmentally sustainable.

Help us make a difference

We’re committed to bringing you the most eco-friendly skincare we can! Your orders help us support tree planting and ecosystem protection projects. So far, we’ve planted over 1500 trees and offset over 26 tonnes of atmospheric carbon together!

Our easy-to-recycle bottles and jars are made of glass and minimal plastic components. Our products are labelled with wax seals made of natural, biodegradable plant waxes and resins. We use 100% recycled/recyclable boxes, paper-based packing tape, and pure cornstarch packing peanuts that dissolve in water!

You can also help us take waste reduction to the next level by sending back your packaging for our Refill Program

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