I've always had sensitive skin, and my lifestyle didn't help.

My travels and work as an Environmental Chemist have taken me to some of the world's harshest climates: from arid deserts to the northern tundra. Changes in temperature, humidity, sun exposure (and occasionally being chased by bears) all took their toll.

Over the years, I tried to address my skincare issues with different products and complex routines, but became increasingly frustrated with the lack of results. The active ingredients I needed were distributed across too many different products, and trying to use these together overwhelmed my skin. 

To make things worse, most producers didn’t even follow environmental principles I could support.

Finally, I decided to put my PhD to use by founding Maison Wolfberry. Our focus would be plant-based, multi-tasking formulas that make a real difference for all skin types, but especially the sensitive ones.

Plus, as a time-pressed new mom, I'm always looking for more results with less effort!

Together with my partner, a medical doctor, we created a skincare routine that follows our 3 Es: Effective, Efficient & Ecological