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Repeat customer!

I absolutely love this line. It matches my values of supporting small, female owned business; cruelty free; refillable, natural, powerful ingredients; and great skin results! I highly recommend, and as the headline says -- I'm a repeat customer!

Great trio

I really like this skimcare set. My skin feels fresh and well taken care of. The balm is super hydratimg without being greasy, and it's my favorite. It will go a long way this winter!

Great for sensitive skin

No breakouts (other than hormonal and stress related)! 2 in 1 cleanser works great and the balm is amazing (my fave of the set)! I have dry skin with an oily t-zone and I don’t think the gel cream alone is enough for day time wear for me (maybe it’ll be different in the summer or spring). It would be probably be recommendable to mix it with some of the balm but I still have another light lotion so I mix those for the daytime and my skin doesn’t get too dry. For the balm a little goes a long way so I only use it during the nighttime (will use a minuscule amount once my other lotion runs out to my daytime routine). Would def buy the cleanser and balm again! Also wonderful customer service!!!

Wonderful Product and People Behind This Gel

This green tea gel cream is beautiful in all aspects which includes its packaging, ingredients, texture and effectiveness. It comes out jelly-like from the pump and bursts into a more fluid consistency that is easily spread onto your skin when rubbed between your hands or applied directly to the face. It is best to have your skin damp for increased hydration and ease of application. Although this is not oil-free, it does not make t-zones oilier nor does it feel greasy and heavy. Dry skin types will need another occlusive layer on top of this.

While using potent serums that contain vitamin c and niacinamide alone can irritate most people, I was able to apply this gel cream twice daily (AM/PM) as recommended without any problems despite my sensitive skin prone to redness. However, as everyone is different, do what works best for yourself. It has only been 7 weeks I have already noticed significant brightening to my skin so do be patient by consistently applying each day and it will be rewarded.

If you have concerns about sourcing, scientific studies regarding effectiveness of ingredients, if it affects malassezia, initiatives for the environment or anything, know you are in excellent hands. The owner is welcoming to questions and is quick to respond.

Wonderful Face Cream

It's nice and gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin, especially the fragrance free version. It can be worn under makeup without pilling.

Perfect set

This is the perfect skincare set for anyone who is interested in skincare and doesn't want to be overwhelmed by a million products. Great ingredients and super cute packaging

Amazing cream!

It has the texture of a serum and because I have dry skin I put their cream on top or my Cerave cream that helps lock in the moisture, it's really hydrating and great quality for the price!


I’m not typically one to leave reviews, even with products I’ve used for years. I have relatively neutral skin, neither dry nor oily, and was consistently using another “all natural” moisturizer until they changed the formula and it started causing breakouts, something i’d never really had in the past. Maison Wolfberry kept popping up on my Instagram, and the packaging caught my eye. I researched the ingredients throughly, but didn’t really see how I could fit it in my skin routine as I like to keep it really simple. I finally purchased all three products and have yet to decide which is my favourite. But I really do love the feel of this moisturizer. It looks thick but melts quickly into the skin, leaving it dewy looking. It’s packed with simple scientifically backed ingredients, without going overboard. I genuinely hope it never gets reformulated as I will be a returning customer! No breakouts, just beautifully hydrated skin that looks youthful. A little goes a long way too. Best of all, it’s Canadian. Shipping was lightening speed. And the little hand written thank you note genuinely made me feel like it was lab packaged/mixed for me. I can’t wait to see what other products they come up with. Not gonna lie, I want them to stay under the radar because I personally feel quality goes down as products become famous. Hoping that’s not the case here because I have been gushing about it to my friends and family too!

I don’t ever leave reviews on skincare products but I am so happy I stumbled across this skincare line. I have very sensitive skin and am not a fan of highly fragranced products. I am, however, a huge fan of science backed, simple and effective skincare. I have been using the all over oil balm and double cleanser for about two weeks now. I have very dry skin and was looking for a product that gave me a healthy “glow”. A little of the balm goes a long way. I also love the simple and sustainable packaging. Highly impressed!


This is magical just like my skin after using this product!

Only The Greatest

My face is like soft ice cream now, and everybody loves some soft ice cream!


I’m usually not a fan of products like this and wasn’t sure what I’d use it for - but it ended up wowing me, I put it on my sunburnt face and I could see significantly less irritation on my skin the same day and even less the following day. My skin also tends to get dry, and a little of this goes a long way in keeping it hydrated

Amazing product

Wonderful tea tree oil scent but not too overpowering and feels amazing on the skin

Great cream

Kept my skin hydrated, love that it isn’t sticky and also very lightweight

Final Review of all three

I began with just trying the face wash and I was beyond happy! Amazing texture, love the oil to light foamy lather, and my skin very much enjoyed the results. I ordered the gel cream to try as well and promptly gave all of my TO serums to my friend because this replaced them all (besides my chemical exfoliant because I need a weekly refresh). The Gel cream is the ultimate serum/moisturizer and makes skin plump and glowy, I travelled across Canada with my dad in an airstream and I did not get icky car skin at all. On top of all of this I was sent the oil balm as a gift and I think of all of the products this one is my favourite. It feels oily but I say that in the best way because when it sinks in you feel like a babys butt. I put on a little in the morning and it makes me look dewy and healthy, and then a lot at night and I wake up with very moisturized and happy skin. This brands values are amazing and the woman running has truly created a great atmosphere. Every order I've recieved came with a kind note and it truly feels like a personal experience. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants to help the environment, support a woman operated Canadian business, and wants great skin from a product that delivers on its promises.

Smells amazing

This will be a life saver during winter


This works so nice with oily skin

So light and refreshing

Perfect for super sensitive skin

great moisturizer

Great Formula and beautiful packaging

so refreshing!

Melts away sunscreen and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I've always loved the smell of tea tree oil so to have it in a cleanser is wonderful.

great for sunburns!

This product is life saver! I spend a lot of time outside, I got a bit burnt on my legs. i put the oil balm on the burns, my skin went from red to soft pink overnight and very hydrated.

Highly recommend !

I purchased the Green Tea Gel Cream and absolutely love it ! It is very light and has helped with the puffiness under my eyes. I can’t wait to try the other products from this amazing Canadian company ! Ps. The packaging is just perfect !


I didn't know I could get so addicted to a skincare product or feel so refreshed applying one. I normally dread the routine of washing my face and it feels like a chore. But with this fabulous vegan cleanser - I look forward to it every day!
The tea tree oil is to die for and the aroma of it even helps relieve stress. My skin has never looked so good either. Would recommend 12/10 to everyone!

Love them!

I have had an awesome experience with all the Maison Wolfberry's products! The cleanser is one of the best cleansers that I ever tried, finally, my skin doesn’t feel dry, after using it! The gel is perfect for these hot summer days, after using it I have beautiful, matte skin which is a very important detail for a person with oily skin. I have used the oil balm for my face and my neck in the evenings, but I think that it will suit me best during the wintertime! So happy about this products, totally recommend them!


I am in love with my Maison Wolfberry products! I have been using it for several weeks now and my face has never been so smooth and soft! Highly recommended!