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Love it!

I use 2 prescription face creams that dry my skin out like crazy but somehow my t zone was still always oily by the middle of the day. I've been using this gel cream for about a week and a half and my skin is so much better already. This cream feels velvety smooth on my skin and absorbs quickly. It doesn't feel sticky at all and my skin feels nourished and healthy and never greasy. I will continue to buy and use this product.

All-Over Oil Balm
Leslee Munro
Love This!

I have very curly hair that gets very uncontrollable in the summer. So far it’s been amazing. I also has it all over my arms and legs!
Love it!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Michelle Chen
What a gem!

I have been only using this morning and night for about a week. And woah, frankly I am blown away?!? My oily textured acne skin is smooth, radiant, and not breaking out at all. If fact this is the best my skin has look in years. The cheek acne cluster I have been trying to get rid of is basically gone and the scarring in this area has lighten significantly. This will be the only thing I am putting on my face for the foreseeable future. MW has created witchcraft from simple effective ingredients. So happy to have found this and to be supporting local Canadian business.

Wonderful primer

Great primer to use under CC cream, foundation drops, etc just for aging skin! Moisture plus! Foundation doesn’t settle into those lines and pores you’re trying to hide! I got the Bergamot scent but could hardly smell any scent- next time if possible I’ll ask for double dose of scent!

Natural Skincare Set
Rachel Van Patten
My skin has never been happier!

I purchased the trio and am so glad I did. My skin has never been happier. The line is simple and effective, and I love being able to have happy skin while also reducing plastic and micro-plastic in my daily routine. I love this stuff and will never go back. You will have a happy customer as long you’re in business. Thanks, also for making an unscented option!!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Mary Venusio
Green Tea cream

Nice texture I wish it had more of a scent to it

Green Tea Gel Cream
Brigitte Jade
Great find: I am ditching my current cream for this

I am quite pleased with this gel cream. It is very silky and the bergamot scent, subtle and fresh. (Thank you for making slightly scented products and not force everyone into the unscented) The gel cream sinks right into the skin, no greasy residue but the skin feels hydrated. The fact that it is made to order is appealing; I like to know that I am using fresh products with maximum potency. Also, the available refills! Yes, I will repurchase.

Green Tea Gel Cream
Connie Jensen
Cleanser and moisturizer

These are very nice products. My only complaint is that I like a nice natural fragrance with my facial products as well. I could barely detect a smell, even though I got the ones that weren’t fragrance free. For that reason, I only gave 4 stars.

I never leave reviews.....

One use, just one use and I am a convert. My face has never felt so baby soft. I personally still needed a mascara remover (not a deal breaker), but the cleanser is powerful enough to take off my full face makeup. AND THE BALM!!! It shocked me. Went on a little greasy, so was a little unsure, then my skin soaked it in and BAMMM baby soft. I think this is the best purchase for skincare I have made in a long while.

All-Over Oil Balm
Mary Venusio
Absolutely decadent

Lovely balm that glides in the skin beautifully.
I wish the product had more of a scent, otherwise I would definitely recommend this product

In love

I fell in love with this product and the complete set of products that Maison Wolfberry developed.
The first time I applied it on my face. It became my morning and before bed routine and I look forward to cleaning my face, applying the green tea cream and then hydrating my skin with it.
It’s vegan, clean and I am ordering my second batch because I can’t live without it from now on.
Thank you

Deluxe Mini Skincare Set
Susan Mainville
Wonderful mini kit

The Deluxe Mini kit is good to try before committing to larger sizes. Products were delightful to use. Texture of the gel cream and balm are smooth. Was not fond of double cleansing with the cleanser; it did not remove my mascara that well. So I used my own micellar remover before washing my face with the tea tree cleanser. The jars are porcelain! Good plus right there to keep the skin care safe. If anything I would purchase the balm. I really like the finish it leaves when it drys down. The radiance is beautiful. Lastly, I like what Maison Wolfberry environmentally and that they don't blog all over the internet. Thanks all!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Jean Wesley
Does not irritate perioral dermatitis

I had perioral dermatitis & needed a plant oil free moisturizer, as oils (except mineral & squalane) will "feed" PoD. This gel cream feels lovely, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and I can layer it depending on what my skin needs. I really appreciate the gentle formula. Since getting rid of my PoD I've started adapalene/ retinoic acid and that in combination with the gel cream has been treating my skin well! No irritation even though there's multiple actives at play. Love the formula & PERFECT for sensitive skin

All-Over Oil Balm
Gloria Threndyle
This balm is the bomb!

I absolutely love this product. So moisturizing. Leaves my skin so hydrated and dewy. I highly recommend this product. Will definitely order again.


Crème très agréable à utiliser! Confortable sur la peau, pas d’effet gras. J’adore qu’on puisse ajuster, au besoin, si si on veut qu’elle soit plus nourrissante!
Ma peau sensible et réactive la tolère parfaitement!

Best Skin Care I've Tried So Far

I've been using Maison Wolfberry Natural Skincare Set for about two months now. It is the only bundle of skincare products I have been using during this period of time, after a several month-long break from skin care products all together. My skin has not once broken out, become irritated, or worsened in condition since using the products, even during the initial few weeks. Additionally, my skin has not encountered any new or worsening problems. My skin has not appeared to change too much, but is a bit clearer and softer. I also wear makeup and find that it is very easy to apply over a freshly cleansed face and recently applied gel cream. My makeup doesn't appear patchy and there is no significant pilling.

I apply each of the products as instructed. In the morning, I use the cleanser, gel cream, and then a facial sunblock before applying makeup. Then in the evening, I use the cleanser to remove my makeup, followed by the gel cream and oil balm. I also apply the products to my neck, and the oil balm by itself to my hands. I don't currently use any other products on my face or neck. This has been such a simple, effective routine that is realistic for daily use. Please offer products for the body, too. I think they would be amazing!

Oil Balm

I love, love, love this oil balm. My skin loves this oil balm.

This balm leaves my skin so soft and glowy. I use it at night and in the morning my skin looks and feels amazing. For me it is a very decadent experience.

Very Effect

Helps my redness so much. In combination with the cleanser and balm my skin is glowing. No breakouts and hardly any rosacea flare ups. At 35 my skin has never looked better. The packaging is perfect, eco friendly and so beautiful. My new favorite brand of all time.


One of the best products I have ever used. Helps my rosacea so much. The eco packaging is perfect and a good price. I will be using this brand form now on as the pillar of my skincare.

All-Over Oil Balm
Jasmine Amarel

So I have combination acne prone skin with lovely hormonal acne sprinkled in as well. My pores are on the larger side and are easily clogged. I have tried SO MANY products to balance my oil production and prevent acne so that I wasn't feeling like I had to excavate my face of black heads Every. Single. Day. Nothing worked no matter how many 100s of $$ I spent. I avoid greasy food and sugar to prevent my breakouts but they still come at that time of month. Deep painful lovely things..anyways THIS BALM has been a lifesaver. It goes on very shiny kinda freaked me out at 1st but my skin drank it up within 30 minutes and I wasn't shiny anymore AND my pores have never looked better. The fact that oils are helping my oil production blows my mind. Not only are blackheads no longer a problem but since this stuff seems to have balanced my oil production so drastically I also get significantly LESS breakouts and even less deep ones when I'm PMSing. I wish I had taken before and after pictures but I stopped that long ago after nothing worked over and over again. This is a 100% sincere review, I never leave or read reviews because I feel like I can't trust them. But I want to scream from the Mountain Tops to buy this Balm! It'll be the best decision you'll ever make for your skin.

This product is a breath of fresh air

PSA: if you have sensitive skin and react to harsh chemicals then this product will save your life!! I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin, so sensitive that I have been blessed with fragrance allergy..truthfully it’s been discouraging to shop for products for my skin because many formulas do not account for being fragrance free. This product does - which drew me to their line. The green tea formula is gentle and soothing on the skin which leaves my face feeling refreshed. The balm is truly a silky glow on the skin. If you have sensitive skin and looking for a product to soothe your skin, you won’t be disappointed with this!

Double Cleanser
Diana Savchenko
Feel fresh & clean!

I finally found a cleanser that takes ALL of my make up off from one washing, I feel so clean and fresh afterwards that I use it in the morning & evening ( what I actually don’t do because I’m lazy :D ). I’m in love!!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Diana Savchenko

I have sensitive skin, and this cream is so gentle & smooth, that I can finally use something every single day! You’re absolutely my new favorite skincare brand!

Natural Skincare Set
Alyssa Regan

The ingredients in these products are so amazing and thoughtful, they are super high quality. My skin was glowing after one use. I’m in love with the all over balm, I’ve been using it on my lips and on the high points of my cheeks during the day to give me skin a super dewy glow! (Also it’s so hydrating)


This is what I have been looking for!!!! (Reference: I’m a 24 year old male). I switched over to a complete oil based skincare roughly 2 years ago. Ever since, it has been an insane game of cat and mouse with finding the right organic and or all natural oil based brand. However, one company I got hooked on from the beginning was Kari Gran. While using her line for the last two years, I searched endlessly, and I mean endlessly, for similar companies. In the last five months I came across the brand Leahlani. It’s also another really well thought of company with a really dedicated team. Those are the only 2 organic/all natural skincare lines I use to date. I really pause on a lot of products because I’m always so nervous about essential oils being included and or the possibility of water being a main ingredient. Another thing is that every single oil based “moisturizer” I have bought or came across online always appears so oily. Upon using those products daily, my face may look radiant, but it still feels VERY tight and very oily. I think part of my issue is that I think I’m going to find an oil based facial moisturizer that looks more white like the typical store bought moisturizers. While this oil balm doesn’t look anything like what I described, it’s definitely the closest thing I have found yet in that it’s a more light colored cream like texture. The reason I HAD to write this review is because, this is the first oil balm that doesn’t make my face appear oily in the SLIGHTEST! Like at all!!!! While it really does make my face soft, it hasn’t yet helped out much with my tightness. My skin just constantly feels tight. Especially on my forehead and T zone (if y’all have some suggestions for that, that be amazing!). Overall though, the fact that this has reduced my pore sizes and significantly diminished my oily/greasy appearance is a major deal! I really hope anyone who reads this will seriously consider adding this product to their skincare. I’m absolutely shocked I can’t stop saying it! I got the fragrance free one and it doesn’t smell amazing but, like I said; I am cautious about what the fragrance is derived from b/c I dry out and react quickly. I also wanted to note that the first organic/all natural brand I have used that contains squalane/squalene. Huge huge thanks to the team at MW for taking the time to create something so awesome! I’m looking forward to using this balm every single day!