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Refills & Recycling

How do you recycle your packaging?

All of our packaging is recyclable, just rinse it out and put it in the appropriate bin. The seal labels on our glass bottles are made from vegetable resins and waxes that are naturally biodegradable.

For shipping, we only use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes, recyclable paper packing tape, and 100% cornstarch packing peanuts that dissolve in water.

How does the Refill Program work?

Help us reduce waste by partaking in our Refill Program!

Simply select the "Refill" option, and you will receive your products in safe, reusable silicone or aluminum packaging. Replenish your products and send the refill packaging back us for a discount on your next order!

Please note that first orders will default to the original glass packaging, and you will be refill-eligible for your second order onward.