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Our Story

Our company was founded by me, a PhD-level Environmental Chemist with the world’s most sensitive, blemish-prone skin!

I was frustrated by expensive, overly complex skincare routines that only made things worse with time. The active ingredients I wanted seemed to be distributed across at least five different products (if not a full 12-step K-beauty regimen!), and trying to use these together overwhelmed my skin. Worst of all, most producers didn’t even follow environmental principles I could support.

With the help of my partner, a medical doctor, we created a skincare routine that follows our 3 Es: Effective, Efficient & Ecological!


Most active ingredients (like Vitamin C and Niacinamide) need to be used daily, for a prolonged period of time, to really make a difference for your skin. Our products are gentle enough to use every day, so you can actually enjoy their benefits. On top of that, our made-to-order model means you will always get the freshest ingredients at their peak potency!


We made sure that our Double Cleanser, Green Tea Gel Cream, and All-Over Oil Balm each do the work of multiple products in your skincare routine. This is great for saving time, money, and the Earth by reducing packaging and waste!


Our mission is to bring you the most eco-friendly skincare we possibly can, through sustainably-sourced ingredients, recyclable materials, waste reduction, and funding environmental projects, such as tree planting, with proceeds from your orders!

Thank you for joining us on our sustainable skincare journey -
we can’t wait to make a difference together!