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Great products!

It helps with clearing the breakouts on my forehead :)

Great Moisturizer

Love the natural ingredients. I have super sensitive, dry skin and this Moisturizer has been perfect. I'm glowing

Natural Skincare Set
Danielle Leger
Absolutely amazing

I am so impressed by Maison Wolfberry. The quality is outstanding, from the packaging to the products that feel so amazing on the skin. The cleanser does an amazing job, the green tea gel cream feels super light on the skin while remaining nourishing, and the balm is the bomb !!! I have to say, out of all of the products, I am particularly IN LOVE with the balm. I have been using face oils for years now, but found that sometimes my face would feel too oily. The balm is a perfect solution for that - it gives me that extra hydration I was looking for without feeling too oily. I have been using this for lip balm as well. The fact that I can use the balm for multiple reasons makes me so happy! I’m honestly so impressed by this skincare line and will definitely be repurchasing!

Natural Skincare Set
Alexandra Fogel
The only skin care products I'll ever use

There is nothing better than this!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Claire Scott
Please don’t stop making this cream.

I have combo/sensitive skin that can be hard to treat, but I also want my skincare to feel like a ritual rather than a prescription. This is one of the better compromises I’ve found. The formula is straightforward but the texture and glass packaging makes it feel luxe. It’s not as hydrating as some creams but it seems like a little goes a long way for smoothing and calming my dramatic skin. Definitely worth the price for me.


I'm very happy with my MW products, I like taking care of my skin but I hate having to use 4-5 products every single day. MW has combined all the good stuff my skin needs into three simple products and now my skincare is quick and efficient but I also know I'm taking care of my skin with wonderful, natural products. The cute little personalized note that comes with the products makes me smile :):) I ALSO LOVE that they are sustainable and we can order refills for our jars, love love love it. I've stopped using certain skincare products before because of the way they just waste plastic and give us little to no product for exorbitant prices.
LOVE the cleanser and the green tea cream, the balm is quite thick but it's still lovely, I know I will be using it mostly in the winter or when I want to pamper myself a bit at night :):)

Thank you MW for making these amazing products! don't ever stop making them PLEASE!


After years of research for a clean all in one skincare brand...I finally found it! The plant-based ingredients in this line are super clean, which is so difficult to find. I recommend really reading the ingredient labels of products and then researching those ingredients before purchasing product. EWG is a great resource! This is such an amazing brand. So happy I found it! My skin looks great. The customer service is also wonderful. Thank you!

All-Over Oil Balm
Carleigh Brouwer
So in love with this Oil Balm

I am blown away by the quality and the effectiveness of this product. I have dry skin & this product does an incredible job of hydrating my skin yet not feeling heavy at all. It looks thick but it melts into the skin on contact creating the most luxurious feeling oil that sinks into the skin very quickly. 🥰 I love that it’s multipurpose and can be used from head to toe. I really love using it in my hair, it makes it so soft, shiny and healthy. A little bit goes a long way which is nice because this will last a while. The packaging is some of the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen, it is very luxurious and high quality and I am loving my little
golden spoon that came with it- seriously the cherry on top. 😀✨🥄

I am loving this oil balm it’s a miracle to my skin

I am really impressed of nicely it’s worked on my skin. Especially since I have eczema on my right hand it’s definitely help me keep it nice and moisturize. I love that it’s freshly made to order this is a bonus to me. I am so happy that I recommend to all my family and friends.

Green Tea Gel Cream
Naomi Wallace
New favourite

I use this every morning after my toner and it feels so luxurious! I’m a huge fan of gel creams and this one is a winner! Not to mention the recyclable bottle - so great!

Green Tea Gel Cream
Emma Prestwich
This is my favourite!

I love the deep moisturizing properties of the oil balm, but this is best for daily use. I was previously using a Paula's Choice niacinamide product, which couldn't be reused. I love that this contains niacinamide as a primary ingredient AND works great as a light moisturizer. Makes my skin look and feel like glass. Sometimes I need an extra layer on top — will use a bit of oil cream in future if I need a boost. SO love the sustainability and packaging.

All-Over Oil Balm
Emma Prestwich

This is a heavier moisturizer and takes awhile to sink in, but the effects are worth it! In the meantime, my skin has a lovely glow to it. I don't wear it everyday, and am more inclined to use the green tea cream more often for summer, but will use the oil balm all the time in the winter. I also LOVE the packaging of the product and the service -- owner sends little individual notes with orders. Thanks for offering science based, effective skincare products that can actually be refilled with minimal extra cost to the environment! So many brands use glass but containers can't be reused.

Double Cleanser
Katelyn Gilleno
Absolutely In Love - My cleanser staple!

I have never really cared about skincare overly, but when I first used Maison Wolfberry's Double Cleanser, I fell in love. Not only is it SUPER easy for anyone to use, it does an INCREDIBLE job at taking off my makeup and making my skin feel soooo clean. The other aspect that won me over was their values, the glass bottle is not only stunning, it is refillable. Maison Wolfberry's dedication to our planet and it's products.... it blows me away. I couldn't recommend this more! You really need to give it a try!

The smell is the best!!

I'm a Environmental Scientist so I have a tendency to look hard at "organic" "vegan" products.. Maison Wolfberry passed with flying colors! Formulation wise and practically. They offer a mail back refill, biodegradable packaging (the cornstarch peanuts.. I saved them!) and the products themselves were beautiful. You only need a small amount, for me 2 pumps and the fragrances was my favorite being light and fresh (❤ sage fragrance). The gel balm moisturizer is GREAT melting into your skin. Thought has gone into this which is what you want when putting product on your skin, specially on your face.


I really liked the cute packaging and the cute golden spoon that I received with my oil-balm. The balm itself is multifunctional and can be applied anywhere, works well for dry skin, especially during winter.

wonderful face cream!

I really love this face cream! It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It keeps my face moisturized all day. I struggle with perioral dermatitis and this cream has been wonderful and not caused any reaction.


This gem cream is incredibly hydrating. I have really dry skin and using this as my first step after washing my face has prevented itchy dry skin. I still use a moisturizer after but I feel like the gel helps a lot. It’s gentle and smells delicious!


Love this as a day cream; I agree with the underlying reviewer, people with drier skin (like me), you'll need something ontop like an lil/shea if you want to use this as a night cream...or if you have a retinol uglies... I love it right now in my morning routine, adding The ordinary's resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% for a super boost!

Need a bigger container!

I admit, I'm a slather-er, but I feel I went through this way too fast, love it!

I have really dry skin, and trying out retinol, and find this really helps soothe and hydrate! I've also never used a product that went to an oil so completely and quickly! Absorbs pretty well.

Repeat customer!

I absolutely love this line. It matches my values of supporting small, female owned business; cruelty free; refillable, natural, powerful ingredients; and great skin results! I highly recommend, and as the headline says -- I'm a repeat customer!

Great trio

I really like this skimcare set. My skin feels fresh and well taken care of. The balm is super hydratimg without being greasy, and it's my favorite. It will go a long way this winter!

Great for sensitive skin

No breakouts (other than hormonal and stress related)! 2 in 1 cleanser works great and the balm is amazing (my fave of the set)! I have dry skin with an oily t-zone and I don’t think the gel cream alone is enough for day time wear for me (maybe it’ll be different in the summer or spring). It would be probably be recommendable to mix it with some of the balm but I still have another light lotion so I mix those for the daytime and my skin doesn’t get too dry. For the balm a little goes a long way so I only use it during the nighttime (will use a minuscule amount once my other lotion runs out to my daytime routine). Would def buy the cleanser and balm again! Also wonderful customer service!!!

Wonderful Product and People Behind This Gel

This green tea gel cream is beautiful in all aspects which includes its packaging, ingredients, texture and effectiveness. It comes out jelly-like from the pump and bursts into a more fluid consistency that is easily spread onto your skin when rubbed between your hands or applied directly to the face. It is best to have your skin damp for increased hydration and ease of application. Although this is not oil-free, it does not make t-zones oilier nor does it feel greasy and heavy. Dry skin types will need another occlusive layer on top of this.

While using potent serums that contain vitamin c and niacinamide alone can irritate most people, I was able to apply this gel cream twice daily (AM/PM) as recommended without any problems despite my sensitive skin prone to redness. However, as everyone is different, do what works best for yourself. It has only been 7 weeks I have already noticed significant brightening to my skin so do be patient by consistently applying each day and it will be rewarded.

If you have concerns about sourcing, scientific studies regarding effectiveness of ingredients, if it affects malassezia, initiatives for the environment or anything, know you are in excellent hands. The owner is welcoming to questions and is quick to respond.

Wonderful Face Cream

It's nice and gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin, especially the fragrance free version. It can be worn under makeup without pilling.

Natural Skincare Set
Isamary Hernandez
Perfect set

This is the perfect skincare set for anyone who is interested in skincare and doesn't want to be overwhelmed by a million products. Great ingredients and super cute packaging