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Loving this product!

I was skeptical to order as I have acne prone, aging skin with redness and sun spots and all the things.
So far I’m loving this product. The wash takes some getting used to as it’s oil based and I feared it would cause breakouts - none yet! And the cream is delightful and makes my skin feel smooth and refreshed. A very light scent. I feel like I’m nourishing my skin with products that are healthy!

I am very happy

This balm is lovely!
Absorbs quickly and very hydrating!
Thank you

Love the gel cream and cleanser

I have very sensitive skin and most everything I’ve tried clogs my pores but the gel cream does not! The double cleanser is very gentle on my mature skin. All over oil balm takes some getting used to and I’ll probably use mostly on arms and legs.


I was so excited to receive these products and they did not disappoint. My skin has been pretty well flawless since I started using them. They quickly got rid of stubborn dry patches, without causing me any breakouts. My skin looks glowy and moisturized. Thank you so much!

All-Over Oil Balm
Annette Rhodes

This product is overall smooth and easy to use. I like the oil balm for my whole body and of course the face too. Even so it’s shiny when you put it on my skin pulls all that goodness in. I’m 65 years and it gives me a glowing look with no make up.
Using the rose essential oil .
Great product, great containers, very well thought out . Thank you for your handwritten note!

Lovely scent

ETA: Maison Wolfberry contacted me after a few days and sent me a replacement for my lost package.
Will update on products later. Thank you for the replacement.

I did not receive my order. I’ve been waiting the whole for UPS to contact me. I also contacted Maison Wolfberry via email and IG to be sure to get a quick answer and nothing. It’s been a week since I ordered.

Effective, but pilling

Hi! I bought the mini starter set and having been using the products for about a month consistently. I've seen improvement in my acne as my skin has calmed down (I have oily skin). BUT the green tea gel pills under everything, even under the all over oil balm. You have to wait at least 10 mins for it not to pill as badly. The all over oil balm is also a very thick moisturizer so only apply in areas that need intense moisture. The double cleanser is not very good at taking off makeup, its better for cleaning bare skin, you also need 3+ pumps to get enough product to apply to you whole face.

Natural Skincare Set
Leigh Ann Winn
Soft and Glowy

I love the gel crème and oil balm separately, but I love them even more blended together. Combined with the double cleanser my older skin feels soft and glowy again!


I’m so glad I came across this brand and tried it out! The cleanser is gentle and feels lovely, much less drying than any I’ve previously used. The face cream is a perfect blend of moisturizing without being heavy. The scent additions are not overpowering at all. My skin feels healthier and I actually look forward to my cleansing routine now. The containers can be a bit messy as the product got under the lid initially after shipping but once you store it normally it’s fine.

Love the products especially the oil cleanser and body balm!! Affordable and quality ingredients. You can't go wrong!

I'M SHOOK! Part 3

So after I tried both the facewash and Green Tea Gel Cream (GTGC), my skin was perfect. I thought, "What the heck am I going to do with this All Over Balm?" For me, I'm dabbing it on my acne spots for some additional heaing, and it's working great. I'm also using it as an eye cream. A little goes a very long way, so this balm is going to last me a long, long time. After using the trio, my hands are SUPER SILKY. I keep rubbing my fingertips together because my hands, even the backs of my hands, are SO SOFT! I never thought I would ever encounter skincare that I consider life changing. Now I know what it's like to dub products at Holy Grails <3. My only beef with Maison Wolfberry...I have other skincare products to use up, but I keep reaching for Maison Wolfberry ;) <3.

I"M SHOOK! Part 2

I purchased the trio and couldn't believe that out of all the products, I was initally blown away by the facewash of all things! BUT...enter in the Green Tea Gel Cream (GTGC). This product claims it can be a moisturizer, treatment, and primer. I figured, surely, it would only be one of those things. Maybe a good moisturizer, but I would never give up my other serum. Or maybe it would be a good serum, but I will still need a another moisturizer. I was wrong! Not only did the facewash blow me away, but the consistency of the GTGC is unlike anything I've ever tried...and it is amazing. It feels like aloe, but with a creamier consistency, and it calms my hormonal acne right down. In just a few days I've had no new breakouts, and my hormonal acne is healing. I'm just floored. And between how hydrating the facewash and GTGC are, I REALLY don't need another moisturizer. After using the GTGC, I don't have any dry skin on my face...anywhere. It does seem to form a protective layer from the elements, and my makeup sits on top of it perfectly. FYI- I'm 42 and just starting using a Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule right after the GTGC to combat the first signs of aging. There hasn't been any pilling (I wait for about a minute between layers), so all the products seem to work well together. So where does the All Over Balm fit in if my skin already seems perfectly hydrated after just the GTGC? See Part 3.

I'M SHOOK! Part 1

When I ordered the 3 piece skincare set to try, I didn't really have any great expectations. The reviews sounded good, and the products are in glass packaging. They were checking all the earth friendly and ingredient boxes I was aware of. But again, it's just facewash, a gel, and a balm...right? I've used all three of these products from different companies before. How different could they be? Facewash tends to always dry my face out, even if just a little bit. That's what toners and moisturizers are for...right? Enter Part 1 of why I'm SHOOK! I used the Double Cleanser...and didn't feel like I needed a moisturizer after I dried my face. Not. At. All. I've washed my face using the Double Cleaner several times now, and my face was both clean and moisturized after I cleansed. I never thought a face cleanser could impress me this much. Well, since I purchased both the Green Tea Gel Cream and the All Over Balm, I figured I should give them a try. Continued in my next review of the Green Tea Gel Cream.

Finally! A simple, sustainable, and beautiful set of products that my skin LOVES. ❤️ The simplicity of the packaging and the simplicity of use make this a dream come true. Cannot say enough good things about this set. Has definitely checked every box in what I have been looking for.

I’m new to the vegan world of face products. I love the milky face wash as it leaves my skin soft and smooth even in the coldest winter conditions.

I am not a fan as of yet of the oil balm but, I have order the green tea face cream. If I give it time I can grow to learn to love both products.

Thank you for your warm welcome in my package when it arrived. More companies need to put their customers first as you have overwhelmed me with joy! 🙏🏽🥰

Green Tea Gel Cream
Henna Sodhi
This will be an everlasting love

I have been using Maison Wolfberry for three years now, and I love love love these products! I love that I get so much of what my skin needs in only three products, I've tried other more natural products and definitely find this to be the brand that works WITH my skin. I have been experiencing stress/hormonal acne and these products have really helped reduce the acne and the scaring affects, along Wirth lymphatic drainage. I will be a customer for years to come.

Best Skincare

I bought these minis to try and I was not disappointed. I love these products. My skin looks and feels great. Definitely recommend.

Hydrating and quick to absorb

Love this balm. Absorbs so well and keeps my dry skin hydrated. I did the sage scent which is very mild (exactly what I wanted) and a nice touch. I will definitely be repurchasing when I’m done. LOVE the refill process too. Thank you for caring about great products and the packaging they come in.

The best face wash

I am in love with this face wash. I have pretty sensitive skin that is prone to dryness. This stuff is amazing. It’s the only product I’ve bought 4 bottles of and plan to keep them coming - never want to try something different again!

Love this product! Working very well for me:)

Wonderful product

I absolutely love love this line
I purchased set of three face wash gel cream and oil cream
I have been having extra dry face and this is like a miracle cream for my face

Amazing product! Worked on my dry skin immediately like it was waiting for it!

All-Over Oil Balm
Michelle Chen

As usual MW strikes again, Green tea gel is my ride or die and this oil balm is an excellent addition to my routine. This works great when my skin is dry or lacklustre and needs a bit of TLC, bonus points for not breaking out my extremely sensitive acne-prone skin. This also works wonders on my dried cuticles, love a multipurpose product!

Good things come in small packages

I bought the mini set because I wanted to give these a try without spending over 100 to get a full sized set. I have been impressed. my skin has been amazing. I used to used several different loitions and creams to get my skin looking ok. This is so much simpler and works great! I pretty much only use this set with the addition of a tea tree oil and aloe mix I make at home for my acne. My skin has been improving since I started using it. I just bought a full size set that should be here soon.